When we were 15, permits were exciting! This meant the beginning of true independence with the highly anticipated drivers permit… Our first real step toward freedom and adulthood. Somehow, all required permits in our adult lives became a bit less exciting… Ok, incredibly less exciting. Remodels, home improvement projects, new construction, swimming pools, etc… all reasons one may need to obtain a permit. Frustratingly, fun projects often come to a screeching halt during the permit process… Not to mention additional costs! Although the reason for permits is understandable, it doesn’t make it any less of a hassle. Some projects and equipment requiring permits are obvious, but did you know that micro markets also require permits?

Not every micro market vending operator actually pursues the required permits and therefore operates out of compliance. Maybe because of the hassle? Maybe because of cost? Unfortunately, neglecting to do so puts shared liability on the customer. Micro markets are supposed to be an exciting addition to any break room; one that boosts company morale, not something that creates more problems than they are worth. So keep this in mind when choosing a provider.

Customer Centric

With Dependable, you get dependable products, services, and agreements. As it pertains to permits, we hold all necessary permits required to operate in complete compliance with every one of our self-service kiosks. We go the extra mile, reaching out to environmental health services on our customers’ behalf and obtaining each specified permit. By doing so, we shoulder the liability if any issues were to arise with these open markets – something we believe to be essential in putting our customers first. We value your safety and operate with that goal in mind. Which is just another important distinction in any customer-centric provider!

Health Requirements

What exactly are the health requirements for micro market vending? Through a streamlined process and plan check, safeguards must be in place for a permit to be granted. Two important factors include adhering to specific temperature regulations and meeting required food security and surveillance, reducing the potential for theft. Open market floor plans must be submitted and approved along with additional information including the location of the nearest hand-washing facility to make operator cleanliness possible.

According to the article “Californias Vending Trade Continues Work Toward Fair Micromarket Permits”, in order to get this process right, “members of the California Automatic Vendors Council [worked] with the Riverside and Orange County health departments to streamline the plan check and permit process for micro markets.” Now it’s up to each individual micro market vending provider to secure these permits for the safety of their customers. Interested in learning more about the permit details? Click here and here.

Again, we work hard for our customers to protect them in more ways than one – notably from harm and liability. With our customer-centric approach, we understand our customers deserve the best possible experience. We work with integrity in the details so all you have to worry about is which snack will satisfy your afternoon craving on the job! Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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