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As 2023 rolls out, it is an excellent opportunity to make an impactful change in your workplace and make it an even better place for your employees. A new year is a perfect time to refresh your breakroom and positively change your workplace. You can show your employees how valuable they are by refreshing their breakroom and introducing convenience features like vending machine service, micro-markets, water filtration, pantry service, and ice machines. Together they can refresh your breakroom and create a great workplace environment that will make your employees happy. This convenience comes as a bonus on top of an already excellent work area, giving you a great opportunity to give back to those who work hard for you. Let’s go over a few of the benefits each amenity has to offer.

Vending Machine Service

Introducing a new breakroom with modern vending machines could be a great way to create a better work environment that values convenience and employee satisfaction. Vending machines are one of the most convenient ways to give employees unlimited access to snacks and beverages. With modern vending options, you can choose anything from snack bars and canned drinks to meals like salads or sandwiches – delivering convenience in every sense. Moreover, cashless payment systems make it easier for employees to grab what they need and return to work quickly. It will undoubtedly lead to happier and more engaged workers who appreciate the convenience offered.

Micro Markets

Many businesses are installing micro markets in their breakrooms to provide convenience for their staff and make for a pleasant work experience overall. Micro markets are an excellent convenience for employees looking for snacks or drinks during the day without leaving the workplace. It offers everything that a convenience store can offer–from a refrigerator stocked with fresh food items to secure kiosks and cashless payment technology–all in the comfort of the breakroom—no more missing out on meals because there isn’t enough time while at work! With micro markets, employees have easy access to food and beverages whenever they want, resulting in happier and healthier employees.

Water Filtration

Providing clean drinking water for your employees is essential to creating a great workplace. With a water filtration system, you can offer convenience to your team by providing access to filtered tap water in the breakroom. No more pre-packaged bottles, and no need to worry about running out! Plus, their morning cup of joe or mid-day bottle of refreshment will always taste better since these systems filter out contaminants that give water an unpleasant flavor. Think about the added convenience and benefits of improved hydration and happiness for your employees—which ultimately leads to increased productivity throughout the day. Not only is installing a water filtration system a plus for convenience and healthy employee morale, but it also reduces plastic waste. It gives you “green points” in terms of environmental sustainability. So if you want to create a new breakroom that checks off all the boxes, look into investing in a quality water filtration system today!

Pantry Service

Stocking up on essentials for the office is often stressful and time-consuming, but pantry services are here to help! Pantry services provide convenience by offering comprehensive solutions – like always having coffee pods, tea bags, and other products in your breakroom when needed – and they make it easier for businesses to budget or create a new breakroom plan. Employees will be happy to have access to these essential items without needing to run out every time, creating an optimal workplace atmosphere that encourages productivity and efficiency. This convenience can save time and money, making it an excellent solution for any business.

Ice Machines

Hot summer days can be brutal, and you often need something to help cool down. While traditional bags of ice could get the job done, they’re not very practical or sanitary. Investing in a commercial ice machine for the office kitchenette or breakroom is a lifesaver! Not only does it save space, but convenience is key when employees rush around for a quick refreshment on tight deadlines. With such an excellent workplace convenience available to them, your employees will have no excuse not to stay refreshed and happy. Remember how great it’ll look in that new breakroom you’ll soon be renovating!

Refresh your Breakroom

This new year, refresh your breakroom so everyone receives the convenience and amenities they deserve! Creating a convenient and well-equipped breakroom is one of the best ways to show your employees how much you care. At Dependable Break Room Solutions, we can help you make that happen. We offer top-of-the-line vending machines, micro-markets, water filtration systems, pantry services, and ice machines that will transform your breakroom into a haven for your employees. Contact us today to get started on making this New Year the best one yet for your workplace environment.

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