Let’s play out the following scenario. You’re looking for the place to work. You interviewed for a few new jobs and just received two job offers. One offer came from your dream job…the only catch is it doesn’t have the greatest company culture or workplace benefits. The second offer came from a job you were not as excited about but includes a vibrant office with many daily workplace benefits. Which would you choose?

It seems as if this would be an easy decision. You should accept your dream job, right? Possibly…but when weighing the pros and cons of each position, company culture is an important factor. In today’s work environment, daily experiences on the job are incredibly important. For example, “Millennials want to work in a positive social environment that blends the professional with the personal. A space that encourages movement, flexibility, and builds on community will attract millennials who are looking for more than just your ordinary boxed office.”1

Work Perks

So, what are these workplace benefits we’re talking about? It really could mean a variety of things. There are however key benefits to concentrate on. This includes perks such as work-sponsored social events, community game areas, even napping stations. In fact, one important benefit seemed to far outweigh the rest… Food! In an article entitled “Food Plays Increasingly Important Role in the Workplace, Survey Shows“, they found that “nearly half (49%) of the companies participating in ZeroCater’s Quarterly Customer Survey reported that retaining talent was the No. 1 objective in providing office meals.”2 It works. Offering healthy food options and even free snacks can not only attract new talent but also retain the talent you already have.

Break Room Solutions

What does your break room look like? In terms of food, do you offer a wide variety of options that would attract new talent? Furthermore, are your current employees happy with the company culture? Start looking at simple ways to drastically improve your break room. For some great options, Dependable Break Room Solutions offers state-of-the-art vending machines and micro markets. Offer your employees a wide variety of fresh food options and healthy snacks throughout their workday. Additionally, consider making coffee service available for employees looking for great-tasting, high-quality coffee. Make it free by putting bean-to-cup brewers on free vend. Equally important is to consider offering a wide variety of delicious coffee pod flavors with a single-cup brewer. Yet another idea would be looking into pantry service. This service allows your employees to enjoy the perk of free food on the job such as fruit and beverages.

Make your office the place to work. Dependable Break Room Solutions would like help by transforming your work space. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

1Hoang, Post author By Xuan Minh, et al. “7 Most Wanted Work Benefits to Attract Millennials.” Undercover Recruiter, 16 Aug. 2017, theundercoverrecruiter.com/benefits-attract-millennial-talent/.

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