“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw
Show your Inland Empire employees and guests that your company loves them by providing food that fuels the body and mind at your next meeting.
According to ECG, a communications strategy company, “People are always forming and adapting their perceptions of you and your business. Make sure your food choices say the right things about you.”
In addition to shaping perceptions food also can make the difference between “focused, appreciative, alert participants and angry, bloated, drowsy ones.”
Finally eating food together is a communal act that eases people into a meeting and helps them relax.
So how do you make sure you get the right food that feeds, fuels and fosters community throughout Inland Empire? According to ECG you need to have good EATS.
Ease of consumption – Avoid messy and difficult to eat foods
Audience – Be sensitive to your guests and their special needs
Timing – When you serve can dictate what you serve
Selection – Make sure you offer your guests a variety of menu options
Some other things to keep in mind:
• People are least attentive after a holiday or weekend. Make sure to ALWAYS supply coffee at your meetings so that caffeine can work its magic
• Provide energy sustaining food – think almonds, whole grains, natural sugars from fruit
• Keep it healthy – donuts are delicious but won’t sustain for long
• What you do for guests do for your employees – 78% of companies polled said they do not supply snacks at internal meetings.
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