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Considering a micro market? Let’s take a closer look at what Dependable Break Room Solutions has to offer… our versatile micro market kiosk. But first, why even consider a self-service micro market? When compared to vending machines, these retail markets include a wider variety of products, including healthy food options. This wider variety is made possible without limitations on size requirements. Open shelving provides more space for those larger items that don’t fit within your standard vending machine slot. Additionally, open shelving does more than simply provide more variety, it also eliminates those annoying service calls since products can’t get stuck like they can in vending machines. The biggest advantage? Boosting company morale! These beautiful self-checkout kiosks bring delicious snacks, beverages, and fresh and healthy food options employees wouldn’t otherwise have access to on the job. Since most micro markets offer these same benefits, what sets Dependable apart in this retail space?

Dependable’s Differential Advantage

Most micro market providers offer many of the same benefits. As it is essentially setting up a mini convenience store that offers food and beverages in the workplace, vending operators provide a retail service with these vending markets that seeks to enhance the customer experience. Open shelving, healthy food, self-checkout technology… all benefits you receive from any micro market provider. But what about Dependable? Our vending markets enhance the customer experience by offering three notable advantages. First, our vending markets provide a nearly touchless experience with advanced self-checkout technology. Second, these retail markets come with an app-based rewards program transferrable to other office buildings or locations. And third, our vending markets come fully equipped with smart cooler sensors. Let’s explore why these differences are in fact great advantages.

Advanced Self-Checkout Technology

In this COVID-19 era, touchless experiences are more important than ever. With open shelving, vending markets already provide an advantage over other options in this retail space. You really only need to touch the food and beverage options you plan to purchase. This is an advantage over vending machines, but what about other micro markets from various vending operators? When it comes time to actually purchase each food and beverage item, most retail markets include a touchscreen as the primary means to complete the purchase. This includes scanning the product or typing in the product code, selecting your preferred payment options (either cashless payment or credit card), and then completing your purchase. Dependable offers a means to minimize these touchscreen touchpoints with the use of your phone through our app-based rewards program. With this being a vital part of our advanced self-checkout technology, let’s dive into the details.

App-Based Rewards Program

The app-based rewards program allows for a clean and safe experience. Needing very minimal touch points, the majority of your transaction is completed through your phone. Simply log on to your micro market kiosk account and complete your purchase virtually. With the majority of your contact being on your own phone, the customer experience is safer and more convenient. Another great feature of this app-based rewards program is its ability to transfer to other Dependable retail markets. If employees work in multiple office buildings, their account balances seamlessly transfer to multiple facilities. One phone, one app, multiple Dependable micro market kiosks with limited touch points!

Smart Cooler Sensors

And finally, our cooler sensors create a more user-friendly customer experience than many other micro markets in this retail space. Have you ever been frustrated at randomly locked cooler doors? Why does that happen? With some vending market sensors, the cooler doors lock as temperatures rise. This happens because of the potential for spoiled food. It’s a safety feature that becomes more frustrating than helpful. This problem then perpetuates when someone accidentally leaves the micro market kiosk refrigerator or freezer doors open. Our vending markets possess temperature probes which allow us to view all temperature history giving us the ability to remotely reset the self-checkout kiosk. This technology allows each door to remain unlocked even if the temperature drops, removing only the spoiled products from the list of food and beverages available for purchase. With continued access to all unaffected products, this eliminates frustration while maintaining a safe experience. 

Still on the fence about whether a micro market kiosk is right for you? Or, are you sold on the idea of self-checkout kiosks but not sure which vending provider to go with? Consider Dependable with our 40+ years of experience. With best-in-class technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and a customer-first philosophy, you will be getting nothing but the best in this retail space! Interested in learning more about our micro markets (otherwise known as mini convenience stores) and their many benefits? Ask about our self-service micro markets by contacting [email protected].

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