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Did you know that one of the easiest ways to boost company morale is to improve your break room? Consider doing this by offering a variety of food including fresh foods through a self-checkout kiosk! With a self-service vending market, or micro market, employees receive fresh and healthy food options and a quality customer experience. Affordable, customizable, simple… and let’s be honest… a real crowd pleaser! So, what exactly is a micro market? 

Micro markets have been around for a while but not everyone is familiar with how they work. In the simplest of explanations, these markets offer a wide variety of fresh foods, snacks and beverages in an open-shelved mini market. Much like a small workplace convenience store! It’s another vending solution offering product variety without the vending machines. These workplace retail markets display food and beverages on various open shelves, coolers and freezers. Employees or customers simply grab, scan, pay, and go. Customize these vending markets and find a design to fit any retail space including warehouses, schools, office buildings, etc.

As an expanded vending solution, these retail markets are taking over and will continue gain momentum for the foreseeable future! With more product variety than traditional vending, office buildings and other workplaces are fully equipped to offer meals, fresh and healthy snacks, and beverages. What an amazing option for employees! With card readers and cashless payment options, employees have several payment methods available to them. As unattended retail markets become increasingly more popular, it’s important to choose a micro market operator who can provide the necessary technology to keep up with demand and minimize theft. But before we talk about the micro market operators, let’s first explore some more vending market details below.

Market Details

Although there is still a time and a place for vending machines, micro markets are a great alternative when looking for more variety and options including healthy food options. The open-shelves provide greater space for items that may not fit in the typical vending slots. Without risking items getting stuck in the machines, service calls are then significantly reduced, making micro markets even more appealing. Once your employees select their food or beverage choices, they simply follow the touch screen prompts by scanning their items and paying with a quick, cashless system. Advanced micro market technology makes this process quick and easy!

But what about theft? Wouldn’t these open markets be vulnerable to stealing? Not necessarily! Well, at least not with Dependable micro markets. We use a high-tech security system with each market to fully monitor all activity. From secured payment methods, digital camera monitoring, web-based inventory management, to secured self-checkout kiosks, Dependable Break Room Solutions does the work for you. Although theft can happen, successful self-checkout technology greatly reduces the threat. It is for this reason and more that we are in the business of providing break room services and not simply break room products.

Micro Market Providers

Strong companies with superior micro market technology provide successful micro markets. This technology reaches beyond security! For each vending market to run smoothly, a great micro market provider will provide services that will greatly enhance the customer experience. As mentioned above, this is not only done with advanced technology through security, but also in inventory tracking for a wide variety of products, high-tech sensors to monitor the temperature inside coolers and freezers, responsive customer service, and convenient payment options. Dependable Break Room Solutions monitors each retail market from afar to address troubleshooting needs in a timely manner as well as immediate restocking inventory and provide safe food options with proper refrigeration.

The whole idea of incorporating a self-checkout kiosk is to maximize employee enjoyment on the job in a simplistic way. This will free you to pursue important priorities. The right micro market provider will seamlessly step in and provide quality options for your employees with continued care and consideration. What a great way to still prioritize your workers and boost company morale!

So, what exactly is a micro market? Hopefully, now you are better equipped to answer that question, but we are here to answer more questions as you look to enhance your break room experience. For some great insight into our history, check out this article. We do business in Southern California, and most notably, Los Angeles. If interested in our services, contact us at [email protected] and improve your break room with a micro market today!

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