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Big companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Zappos know just how important it is to offer well-stocked break rooms. And, they do it well. This isn’t even an unattainable goal for smaller business, it just may look a little different. No matter the company, break rooms have the potential to be an oasis of mental and physical refreshment. Investing in this space will result in big returns. Let’s take a look at four good reasons to offer a well-stocked break room in this article by Small Business Trends.

1. Employee Satisfaction

people eating

Investing in the day-to-day experience for your employees brings higher satisfaction and helps retain good talent. Whether your company is big or small, people will be drawn to workplaces that invest in opportunities to give back to their employees. Offering smaller perks like great office coffee goes a long way in showing employees you care.

2. Productivity

Offering great food options on site at a lower cost (or even free) gives employees greater incentive to stay onsite. Even if they take multiple breaks to pop into the break room for a snack saves much more time than driving somewhere for a caffeine fix.

3. Health

Company values should always be reflected within the break room. Products you offer can help reaffirm these values such as promoting healthy lifestyles. Offering healthy food options at little to no cost makes them more desirable than unhealthy alternatives.

4. Cost

Although there is cost involved in offering a well-stocked break room, you may actually end up saving money in the long run. These daily perks are more appreciated than big yearly parties, events, or other bigger ticket employee benefits. Plus, it is available to every employee with little to no overhead or management.

Dependable Break Room Solutions would love to come alongside you to support your company culture vision, starting in the break room. We work with each of our partners to customize an employee program using vending machines, micro markets, office coffee service, and even pantry service. No matter the budget, we have solutions that will work for both you and your employees. We remove the burden of oversight by seamlessly managing the products for you. We will even look for opportunities for efficiency such as bulk deliveries to further cut costs and provide greater convenience.

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