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Single cup brewers, such as Keurig, started to develop a bad reputation over the years for using the infamous K-cups. But there is no need to ditch the single-cup coffee brewers…just ditch the K-cups and use PODs instead.

Four key reasons are that K-cups:

  1. Produce a ton of waste.
  2. Aren’t biodegradable.
  3. Contain aluminum.
  4. Could pose a hazard to your health.

The Problem

K-cups really were impossible to recycle. Machines that used them developed a bad reputation by association.

Something really did need to change. Unfortunately, the solution many people were offering included getting rid of those single-brew machines altogether. This article from Women’s Health Magazine offers great information on the dangers of K-cups, but their recommendation was to return to traditional coffee machines.

Is this truly necessary? Do we really need to throw away single-cup coffee machines and all of the great benefits they do provide? In an office setting where employees have different drink preferences, these single-cup brewers can essentially be all things to all people. A single-cup office coffee pod brewing system allows each user to select their own hot beverage type and strength. From dark roast fair trade coffee to cappuccino, brewing beverages by the cup offers an unparalleled number of office coffee options. 

There had to be a solution.

The Solution

Fortunately, with the introduction of the coffee POD you can enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea and know that you are still being environmentally responsible. No need to go back to traditional coffee machines! Instead of using K-cups with plastic and aluminum, these pods are single-use filters that are completely biodegradable and eco-friendly. Not to mention, cost effective and less expensive. An added benefit is these commercial PODS also cut down on theft since they can’t be used residentially. No need to worry about those PODS disappearing from the break room.

PODs truly offer a wonderful solution to the problem Keurig once had and allows for the continued use of these beloved machines. Don’t “throw the baby out with the bathwater” as the age-old saying goes. You can enjoy these machines for years to come and we would love to help bring them to your workplace.

Spice up your break room variety with single-cup office coffee service.

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